Throw a Magical Disney Birthday Party in 4 Steps

arielGrowing up, I was a huge fan of the themed birthday party. Hawaiian luaus, 50’s sock hops, even a pirate party for my sweet 16. A themed party adds that extra element of fantasy and fun that kids of all ages like to be a part of. Why just be a birthday boy or girl, when you could be a Space Ranger or a carpet-riding princess? Throwing a magical themed party is easier than you think. Besides the much needed faith, trust, and pixie dust, a great theme will lend itself to a great party. To show you what I mean, I’ll use the movie that inspired the name of my blog, The Little Mermaid, and my Disney World vacation planning expertise to plan the perfect Under the Sea birthday party.

Step 1: Plan Ahead

If you have ever been to Disney World or Disneyland, you will know that having a game plan ahead of time will save you from hours in line, potential arguments, unnecessary mileage, and money. Just like a vacation is a big event, so is your child’s birthday, and so taking time to plan out details will help in the long run.

For my Under the Sea themed birthday party, I have planned some activities to do so kids don’t get bored, but also keep with the theme of the party. I planned a Thingamabob scavenger hunt where kids will look for items seen in Ariel’s undersea cave like silverware, wine corks, buttons, bottles, frames, and books. And the total cost of all this scavenger hunting fun for your bundles of joy: $0. You already have the kind of junk that Ariel collects sitting around in your attics and junk drawers.

I also planned a “find your voice sing-a-long” to the songs of the Little Mermaid. Youtube is full of karaoke style videos or sing-a-long videos with the words included.

little mermaid party image boardStep 2: Detail the Disney Way

Part of what makes Disney World more magical than other theme parks is their incredible attention to detail. They take a theme and run with it, from the queue lines, to the ride vehicles, to the gift shops after. Your child’s birthday party will be extra special if you can create an immersive theme from beginning to end.

I love snacks and goodies, so my Under Sea birthday party has a table full of themed foods, complete with nautical decorations like pearls, clam shells, netting, and sand. For the birthday cake, I wanted to go with something that resembled the scales of a mermaids tail, using teals, greens, and some purple to pull off the mermaid vibe.  Curious how to make your dining room or living room feel like an ocean? Buy some light blue or teal plastic table cloths (They’re a dollar each at Walmart)  and cover the room (ceiling too).

Also, to save some money, there’s nothing wrong with sending out an email to your friends, family, and coworkers. Why buy a bag of seashells when one of your relatives just got back from Cape Cod with 300 shells that he’ll willingly lend you for the day? Does collecting all this stuff ahead of time feel like too much hard work? Include your child in the entire process. Now the party is also teaching your kid to plan ahead, and use the resources around her.

Step 3: Flexibility

As much as planning ahead is necessary to have a good time at Disney World, being flexible with those plans will make sure no one’s day is ruined because things didn’t go their way. Long wait times, missing the parade, or deciding to take some extra breaks are all things you might encounter at Disney, so it’s best to go with the flow.

A birthday party is no different. Just because I planned some activities and had a tentative agenda of when gifts would be opened and cake would be served, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be flexible if everyone would rather watch a movie or play with sidewalk chalk outside. Plans can change and that doesn’t means your guests will have any less fun.

MV5BNTAxMzY0MjI1Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTU2NTYxMTE@__V1_SX214_AL_Step 4: Enjoying the Moment

I have talked about this in one of my blogs, knowing when is a good time to take a picture and when is a good time to put the iphone down and just look up at the fireworks instead of finding the firework setting on your camera. The thing is everyone thinks they are going to look at these pictures but to be honest, pictures with people matter more than any beautiful landscape or castle you will ever snap.

I believe the same rules apply to your kids birthday party. Take a picture of them dressed up, with their cake, maybe opening a few gifts or with their friends, but then put the camera down and just experience the wonderful day with them, being totally present in the moment. The memories you will have from this day will last forever.

So now you can be the envy of all your child’s friend’s parents. They will ask you how you put on such a fabulous themed party. The first things you can tell them is you purchased beautiful Disney inspired invitations from Paperless Post or any of their other wonderful invitations. Then you simply had to get a little creative with details, decorations, and food. Lastly, you can tell them that seeing your child so happy, surrounded by family and friends will be something you will never forget.

Are Disney World Special Ticketed Events Worth The Money?

halloween 1I have many clients that sometimes get sticker shock when I tell them the price of tickets at Disney World. By the time I’ve gone over the value that ticket get’s you, they usually end the conversation by saying, “oh that’s a pretty good price then.” That’s the trick with Disney vacations, the value is in the eye of the beholder. The practical thinker inside me often compares Disney World tickets to sporting events or Broadway shows. Some people think nothing of shelling out 100-200 dollars to see their favorite team or to get a good seat at the Lion King on Broadway. These events only last 2-3 hours, but a day at Disney World can get you anywhere between 9-18 hours, or on some special occasions 24 hours. When you start to think that in one day, you can ride awesome rides, meet most of your favorite characters, see shows and parades, and end the night with a firework spectacular, you realize the value is there and Disney gives you a great bang for your buck. But you will only feel this way if you see all those things as valuable. Family members that get dragged to Disney against their will really won’t care how much the ticket cost, it’s overpriced and that’s that. So why am I now rambling about ticket values and Disney lovers and haters? Well, when you look at special ticketed events at Disney World, you have to think of them very much like a regular ticket to the park. If you can see the value in the event, the money will be worth it, if not, you won’t understand why people shell out all this extra dough to go to them.

christmas 1What is a special ticketed event?
Special ticketed events have been slowly popping up more and more at Disney World. Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party are the big two to know about. These party events are from 7 until until midnight and are available on select days September-December. The park is only open for people that have purchased this special event ticket. Depending on what night you go, the price could be anywhere between 60-75 dollars per ticket. Hollywood Studios offered a Villains Unleashed event and Disney’s Animal Kingdom introduced Harambe Nights this past summer, with tickets going for over a hundred dollars. So what do these parties include that would make me want to shell out an extra couple hundred dollars on top of my normal park ticket?

•Smaller crowds
•More personal time with characters
•Special parades, stage shows and fireworks
•Unlimited “goodies”: candy or cookies
•The feel of a party atmosphere
•Specialty food and merchandise

The park was pretty empty.

The park was pretty empty.

I can’t speak for Harambee Nights or Villains Unleashed because I’ve never been, but I have attended both the Halloween and Christmas parties. My experience was very little crowds. We felt like we had the park to ourselves. The wait time on rides were maybe 5-10 minutes (even for Space Mountain and Big Thunder). There were spots of the park that just had no people in them. To me, this has value in it. I hate crowds and I hate waiting in long lines, so to be able to experience all the rides I wanted to as basically a walk on is very enticing to me. Now of course I read Disney blogs and I have read that this is not always the case with everyone. Some people that attend the events on let’s say Halloween and very close to Christmas might experience more crowds than I have in the past. Even if this is true, it will be far less than the Magic Kingdom’s normal crowds for the day.

If you have children that love to get character autographs, pictures, or just want some one on one time with them, this also adds value. The lines to wait for the characters will be much shorter than during the day, and you might even see some of the less popular characters lurking about. I am not so into characters so this doesn’t really appeal to me, but that could all change when I have kids of my own.

halloween 3When I see a show or parade at Disney World, I am subconsciously thinking in the back of my head, wow, they really give me my money’s worth here. I see a lot of value in entertainment. The time they spend on costumes, choreography, decorations, details, songs, and concepts; I am always amazed. And seeing something new that you don’t get to see during a regular trip to the Magic Kingdom is always exciting too. This holds a lot of value to me, but someone like my husband that does not see the excitement in fireworks (weirdo) would not enjoy it as much.

unlimited cookies and hot chocolate

unlimited cookies and hot chocolate

Unlimited goodies at Disney are always very nice. During the Halloween Party, you get to trick or treat throughout the park. You will leave with an entire bag, full to the top with candy. Kids and chocolate lovers everywhere will really love this. At the Christmas party, they provide unlimited cookies and hot chocolate. If you ate about 8 cookies and hot chocolates, you would probably get your money back in food because we all know buying a cookie and hot chocolate from the Main Street Bakery would add up quickly.

At certain locations in the Magic Kingdom, they will have more dance music playing than their traditional themed background music. You may even decide to jump in and dance if you feel the rhythm. It does help to make the event feel more like you have been invited to a party and not just you get to stick around for extra magic hours. I love music and I love to dance so this is a win.

halloween 2Some people love buying specialty items that you can’t get everyday. These ticketed events will offer a variety of snack options and merchandise for purchase that are exclusive to the event. I definitely love yummy snacks, but I’d be ok with the stuff they are handing out that’s included.

So do all these party perks have you ready to pay that pretty penny yet? I will say that while I enjoyed myself at both of these events, it’s not something I would do every time I’m there for the fall or winter. I was happy to experience them, and maybe when I have kids I will try it again, but I feel that a normal day at the Magic Kingdom fulfils me enough with it’s entertainment and value that I don’t need to go seeking more. So give em a try if it’s in your budget and you’re looking to try something new, but do not fret if it’s not in the cards for your family. There is so much to do for everyone you will not be disappointed.

Scheduling Rules to Avoid Burnout at Walt Disney World


Schleping around a heavy bag all day doesn’t make it any easier.

Crying children, aching feet, sleeping next to strangers on the bus. These are all symptoms of the typical Disney burnout. There are many different vacation styles that families may exhibit while on a Walt Disney World vacation. To most families that haven’t been there a million times like me, they may be unsure of how to go about their day. Many families don’t know when they will be back so they want to pack it all in, not miss a thing, and make everything a larger than life, unforgettable vacation. While this idea sounds nice and pretty, not only will it become unrealistic, but it might actually do more harm than good to your vacation. Let me assure you now, you might not be able to “do it all” but that’s no reason you shouldn’t have a fantastic vacation. Follow these 5 steps to avoid burnout at the happiest place on Earth.



I get very excited about sleeping in.

1. Sleep in when you want to.
There has been some debate as to whether the new fastpass+ has helped or hindered the spontaneous Disney World spirit in us. Being able to pre-plan your day can be offputting for the family that likes to wing it and go with the flow. I’m here to tell you that fastpass+ can be your best friend to avoid burnout in the parks. Knowing a few scheduling rules will allow your day to be more relaxed, allow some room for spontaneity, and make your trip more magical. Does your family like to sleep in? Did you stay up till one in the morning last night because there were extra magic hours at the Magic Kingdom? Were you up incredibly early for a flight and you want nothing more than to get a full night’s sleep and energize yourself? Allowing yourself to select the times you want your fastpasses makes sleeping in at Disney possible. Pre-fastpass+, you usually had to get to the park at rope drop to solidify an hour or so of rides with virtually no lines. Now, if you want to sleep in and schedule your fastpasses for 10am or 11am, be my guest. You are in control. You don’t have to do it everyday, but getting a good night’s sleep will make everyone involved a lot more pleasant.

P1000504 (Medium)

Brad has no trouble finding a relaxing spot.

2. Everyone at Disney is like a big kid, and kids need naps.
I am a very strong proponent of the afternoon nap. Unless you have the stamina of the energizer bunny, you and everyone in your party will want and deserve a break. I like to make my breaks in the mid afternoon. This is typically when the park is the most crowded, and in summer months, the hottest part of the day. This is when I go back to the hotel and nap, swim, shower, and/or just hang out for a bit and get off my feet. Most humans are not used to being on their feet all day, standing in lines, getting in and out of ride vehicles, carrying around backpacks, and dodging crying kids in strollers. It can be a lot mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting then you’re prepared to handle. Just take a break from it however you want.

toy story line

Fastpass or bust

3. Decide how long you are willing to wait.
While your fastpass is going to help minimize waiting in lines for a couple of rides, it sadly can’t do it for all of them. Some rides don’t make sense to wait for, I talk about it in a blog entry. Some rides will always have long wait times unless you have a fastpass, i.e. Soarin’, 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, Toy Story Midway Mania, and many more. Before you go, I’d have an honest discussion with your party to see what is the maximum time you are willing to wait in a line and will still be able to enjoy a ride. For me, it’s about 15 minutes. If it is longer than that, I simply move and and maybe try to go back to it later or save it for the next time. Keep in mind if you are willing to wait 45 or more, that is 45 or more standing on your feet. That fatigues people quickly. Also, a long wait in a longer line detracts from the enjoyability of the ride. Most of the smaller attractions are worth a ten minute wait, but if you’ve invested 45 minutes in a line, your expectations of the ride may become unrealistically high. I think setting up a time limit ahead of time will avoid pushing your limits too much and let’s your kids know the expectation.

P1000445 (Medium)

Quiet shady spot to rest my tired feet. And do some serious people watching.

4. Find places that make you comfortable.
If you have some time to kill between fastpass reservations or dining reservations, find a seat somewhere and have a snack. If you are there on a super hot day, pop into one of the air conditioned stores until you feel better. If you got stuck in the pouring rain and you are now wet and cold, don’t be afraid to head back to your hotel and change. If a front row seat to the parade is not super important for you, wait on a bench and don’t stand up until it is necessary. Be able to go with the flow and pop into a 3D show if you need to be off your feet just a little longer.


The vacation is fun because we are together, no matter how much or little we do.

5. Get it out of your head that you’re wasting money if you don’t do everything.
It probably doesn’t come as a shock to anyone that Walt Disney World vacations can add up to a pretty penny. I think it’s a natural feeling to think you have to “get your money’s worth” out of the ticket, and this might mean go go go to a lot of families. Sometimes I find myself falling into this trap but then I realize how much I do there really has little connection to how much fun I have there. It will be more enjoyable for everyone if you don’t attempt to do it all, and instead do what it most important to your family. Burnout and unruly children can put a serious damper on your vacation. While I might not be a parent yet, I will be one day, so I’ll add my two cents. By bringing your children to Disney World, you are already the coolest parents ever. Not every child get’s to experience this magical place, but it’s not a place where parenting and children’s actions should be thrown out the window. When your kids no longer seem appreciative of the awesome gift you are giving them, it’s time to leave, go back to the hotel, and get some rest. The phrase “you should be enjoying this” has never yielded more enjoyment in its audience.

I think if you come back from your Disney World vacation and feel like you need another one just to relax, you overdid it. The optimist in me knows this won’t be your last trip to Disney World, so back burnering something until your next trip is not out of the question either. The flexibility of being able to go with the flow will set you up for a much more enjoyable vacation. Try not to feel tied down to everything. When you need a break, take one, when you need to sleep in, keep pressing snooze, when you don’t feel like waiting in line, don’t. You make your own rules, you decide when it’s go time. This is your vacation, so make it a good one!

10 Interesting Things To Consider Aboard A Disney Cruise

It’s been over a month since Brad and I were on our first Disney Cruise, well our first cruise ever actually, and we still like to think back to how much fun it was. For all you other first timers out there, I have compiled a list of some interesting tidbits I wish I had known ahead of time to make your Disney cruise even more magical.

IMG_10701. Clocks are not really present onboard:
For my next Disney cruise, I am definitely going to invest in a cheap, waterproof watch. I never wear a watch and on vacations I don’t love having my phone out, so I often didn’t know what time it was. While onboard I only saw one clock and it was inside the AquaDuck load area. Other than that, you basically have to use the angle of the sun and the rumble of your tastily overfed tummy to determine the time. For a lot of the day I didn’t really need to know what time it was ‘cause heck, I was on vacation, but around the evening time when there were dinner and shows and clubs, a watch would have been handy. Lucky for me, Brad is one of the few uberdorks left in the world who always wears a watch, and you know what they say: a husband with a watch is better than wearing a watch yourself, because that way, only he gets ugly tan lines.

Thank you table mates for this picture

Thank you table mates for this picture

2. You may be forced to sit with other people at dinner, and dinner can take a long time:
I’m not saying this is a good or a bad thing. Some people love to make new friends and sit with new people and can talk for hours about what they did that day or life in general. I’ll be honest and say my husband and I are not those people. If you are there as a couple, you may be forced to sit with other couples. Brad and I are the kind of people who, for whatever reason, get along much better with people far out of our demographic. We like talking to people nearing, or in retirement, whose kids are our age. Perhaps we have old souls. But naturally, because we were celebrating our anniversary, we were with a bunch of other anniversary people our age. Maybe you will get lucky and like everyone you are sitting with. Maybe you won’t like them and you will have to awkwardly sit with them every night for the 1.5 hour long dinner.  Having a little privacy at dinner would be much more relaxing for introverted couples. Again, depending on the type of person you are, this can be awesome or it can be a bit anxiety ridden. Apparently some tables for two do exist, and are available upon request. This is when having a vacation planner comes in handy. They know these secrets and help add some extra magic to your trip.

Does this look strange to anybody else?

Does this look strange to anybody else?

3. Outlets are for American gadgets:
I spent one whole day trying to figure out how to charge my phone. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out the outlet situation. Even though Brad, who is brilliant, told me it would definitely fit, I refused to try plugging my phone in because the outlets just looked way too big and foreign to be compatible with American electronics, and I was dead set on believing that he was an idiot. Finally at the pool one day I asked a veteran cruiser (who was nearing retirement and had kids our age) if I was missing something. He said they will fit. An older woman overheard us talking and said she too could not figure it out and had to ask a staff member. Whew, I was not alone in this. When I went back to my room and tried it, there were correct, it did fit. Mischief managed.

4. You can bring your own alcohol onboard:
This is something Brad and I unfortunately didn’t get to participate in since we had only carry on luggage and could not find a liquor store in the Orlando airport. If you can swing it, there is no limit to the amount of alcohol you can bring on, it simply just has to be in a carry on bag. This literally has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars if you like to drink while on vacation. Plus with the free unlimited drinks by the pool, you have all the mixers you might need. Buying drinks onboard will get very expensive very quickly. Brad and I ordered a grand total of two drinks on our cruise, and $30 later we decided we didn’t love alcohol enough to spend that kind of money. (We also come from a small town where drinks are typically $3-4). For our next cruise, we are checking luggage and therefore will have a nice bottle of rum or three to bring with us. Drink up me hearties yo ho!

Nothing like waking up early to go run in intense heat and humidity.

Nothing like waking up early to go run in intense heat and humidity.

5. You should bring some running gear so you can participate in the Castaway Cay 5k:
The Castaway Cay 5k is something relatively new on Disney’s private island. It is a real runDisney event.  If you are a runner (or walker) it is something fun to do to help justify the enormous amount of food you have been eating. Make sure you bring some running shoes and clothes. You will start early so no sleeping in that day. And it will be hott. (Yes, I misspelled “hot” intentionally to make a point. But the payoff of the early rising is you get a nice mickey medal (plastic) that is only given out for this “race.” I say race loosely because you get a medal for participating and no one cares if you decide to walk the whole thing. In fact, the leaders, who we called “the skinnies” missed the first turn because they were travelling at warp speed. No one cared. We noticed some people brought bookbags with them to the race with their bathing suit and sunscreen so they could immediately start enjoying the island. We didn’t think of that and went back to our room to shower then back to the island. It really depends how much time you want to be out in the sun on the island or if you want to come back to some air conditioning for a bit.

Free onboard credits is basically free money!

Free onboard credits is basically free money!

6. There are different ways to get some free onboard credits:
For this you might have to do a bit of research in order to get some free onboard credits (obc). For starters, if you have the Disney visa card, you will get $50 obc if you book and pay for your entire trip with that card. Easy enough. Once you are onboard, if you book another cruise, they will often throw in some obc as well. Plus you will save a little bit by booking onboard. The other way would be booking through an authorized vacation planner, I know a really good looking vacation planner named Sandy who would love to help you out. Sometimes they have CLIA weeks, which offer $100 obc if you book through an agency with a CLIA number. Othertimes, agencies or individual agents purchase credits for their guests as a “thanks for booking with us.”

7. Having some sort of lanyard to keep your keys on would be helpful:
I will be honest and say I think it’s stupid that Disney cruise line hasn’t hopped on the MagicBand wagon. I love the ease of MagicBands and they would fit so seamlessly on the cruise. Plus you could recycle them at the end of the cruise and they could be reused. Anyways, until that happens, I’d recommend a lanyard that would hold you room key. As a woman, sometimes I don’t wear clothing with pockets (dresses, bathing suit, etc.) and I don’t love carrying around a purse on vacation. Having a lanyard might have been a little easier to keep track of and less worry about losing my key in my tiny pockets.

We love you refillable Disney mugs.

We love you, refillable Disney mug.

8. Bring your own Disney Mugs if you have them:
While my husband will deny being a Disney fan until his dying day, he has no problem praising the refillable Disney mug. I’m not quite sure why he likes them so much, but we have grown quite a collection of them at home. I knew that there were drink stations onboard Disney cruises similar to those at the resort hotels so we brought our mugs and were happy we did. Our mugs were bigger, more insulated, and more portable than the paper or styrofoam ones at the drink station. It just made pool time and Castaway Cay a little more enjoyable to have a little more to drink in my mug. Plus it’s way more environmentally sustainable to use one refillable mug instead of a million paper cups on a cruise.

9. Being able to read a map may be helpful in getting around the ship the first couple of days:
If it is your first time onboard, you may notice, as we did, that hallways and locations are not labeled particularly well. When we first arrived in the main lobby, we really had no idea where we were going. You will have to get very familiar with the terms forward, mid, and aft. To access some floors you might have to cut through restaurants. Some floors you can walk outside. Some floors it’s easier to go up over and down before moving forward or aft. By the 2nd day, we had become more familiar with the layout of the ship, and only sometimes used the navigator app to help us get around. Don’t be afraid to ask the cast members too, they are all super nice and helpful.

IMG_110010. Three nights might not be enough:
Now that I’m officially a cruise lover, I tell people that three nights was not enough. While it was my first cruise and I had no idea what it was all about, I now know that it really wasn’t long enough. Part of this was my fault. We had a late flight the day of the cruise departure and were literally the last bus to arrive in the port terminal around 3:00pm or so. Perhaps if you were one of the first people on board around noon it would feel more like an extra day onboard. You really only get two full days on a three-night cruise, and on the morning of your departure, you are off the ship by 8:00-9:00 am, so no sleeping in there. I would have liked to try a couple more things (tours of the boat, onboard movies, different restaurants, different entertainment) but I also loved sitting by the pool so I was a bit conflicted. I feel that a longer cruise would let you do everything and still have plenty of time to lounge and relax.

Indeed three nights was not enough for Brad and I. We have already booked another Disney Cruise for this spring on the Disney Wonder. I am excited to see a new country (Cozumel, Mexico) and to return to the beautiful Castaway Cay. If you have any questions about the Disney Cruise Line or are interested in booking a cruise, I would be happy to help. Disney pays me, so my service is free!

I’m Officially a Cruise Lover…Aboard the Disney Dream


Disney is magical because there’s always something new to experience. There’s a different park to visit each day. There are too many restaurants to ever eat at every one. There are so many runDisney events that you can’t race them all. There are parties, and decorations, and no two days at Disney will ever be the same.

You know I love Disney vacations, so I was a little nervous when my husband and I embarked on our first Disney cruise. My expectations of a Disney vacation are unbelievably high, and my husband is kinda hard to impress sometimes.

IMG_1042We flew into Orlando a little bit late, and arrived at the cruise ship on the very last possible bus. As soon as we entered the cruise terminal we were blown away. Security was quick and friendly, and the building was immaculate. There was a gorgeous stainless steel inlay of Cinderella’s Castle in the floor and a beautiful scaled model of ship as a centerpiece. After a three minute check in procedure we were issued our “key to the world” cards and we took our first fateful steps through the glowing Mickey head that indicated the ramp to the ship.

The words “wow factor” are usually hyperbolic. In the case of the Disney Dream, the wow factor was literal. Literally. We walked into the lobby of the ship and both of us whispered “woooooow.” That wow factor continued through the entire ship. Every square inch of the ship was maintained to perfection. During the day, when most people went to Nassau, we saw maintenance crews sanding and repainting lamp posts, sanding and re-lacquering bar top tables, powerwashing every surface imaginable, and cleaning and sanitizing every surface any person might have touched. That’s not to say the maintenance got in the way of enjoying the ship, it’s just that somewhere on the boat, at all times, someone was improving the appearance or function of the ship.

IMG_1053It wasn’t just the ship that blew us away. The cruise delivered above and beyond our expectations in every way. For example, we passed a human sized portal window that looked perfect for sitting in, and we thought “wouldn’t it be nice if there was a little cushion in there?” Three portals down the hallway, there were cushions in every other portal down the entire hallway. The only reason there weren’t cushions in the first few portals is that they would interfere with how people lined up for dinner nearby. At one point, I said to my husband “it would be nice if you could watch video versions of the shows in the stateroom.” We returned to our stateroom that night and turned on the TV for the first time, and guess what I found? Filmed versions of the shows I watched, available at any time. IMG_1072Our first experience in the hot tub was at night, and it was amazing that the bottom was made out of clear glass, so you could look down at the roiling waved below. After we returned to our room, I said to Brad, wouldn’t it be cool if the outside of the hot tub was also glass, so you could see out? When we returned to the hot tub during the day, we realized that the outside wall of the hot tub was actually glass and you could actually look out.

IMG_1077The value of a Disney cruise is phenomenal. Every night you receive the Navigator, an all encompassing schedule of the next days events. Throughout the day you could meet characters, take tours of the ship, watch current movies, attend Broadway style shows, attend dance parties, play games, and the list goes on. The best thing though is you can also just hang out by the pool and that is awesome too. There is literally something for everyone, and something for every age onboard. Brad and I took full advantage of the adults only sections of the ship, and luckily staff members were on top of keeping it that way.

While we loved the cruise, there were some times when the service was almost obtrusive. There are about a million cast members walking around the pool with drink menus, so while beautiful, our lasting impression of the pool experience went something like this:

“Would you like a drink?” said cruise guy.
“No thank you,” we replied politely.
-30 seconds pass.
“Would you like a drink?” said cruise girl.
“No thank you,” we replied politely.
-One minute and 30 seconds pass.
“Would you like a drink?” said cruise guy version 2.0.
“No thank you,” we replied tersely.
-45 seconds pass.
“Would you like a drink?” said cruise girl version 2.0.
“No thank you,” we replied exhaustingly.

It was just too much drink pushing for us. With less than ten cast members offering drinks, they would have been able to remember that we didn’t want a drink, but it was always a new person, always offering a drink.

IMG_1056After the great cruise sickness outbreak of a few years ago, Disney is poised to make sure that there is never any sickness on their ships. What that looks like for the average cruiser is someone in the 50 square foot public restrooms watching you…ya know… and then wiping up any stray droplets of water from the sink (or wherever.) It got a little awkward. It also looks like being handed a wet nap every time you enter a restaurant. I get the point, but it got a little tedious being all clean and polished and fresh from a shower and being handed a wet nap like a child each time we entered an eatery.

The only other part of the cruise that didn’t get top marks was the dinner service. Don’t get me wrong, the food at the restaurants was fantastic. You could order as much as you wanted, and there was always someone there smiling at you. But when there’s a server, assistant server, and head server all catering to only several tables, it’s a little disappointing when ordering coffee with dessert is followed by a 10 minute wait for the coffee cup, and another 10-15 minutes before the coffee shows up.

IMG_1082Overall the cruise was beyond amazing. We loved the ship. We loved the food, drink and ice cream station, and room service. We loved the shows and the general, laid-back atmosphere. Three days was not quite enough awesome. We have already booked another cruise on the Disney Wonder for a bit longer so we can experience the magic again.